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Creating Be-You-tiful

Memories, testimony, and lessons. My purpose in sharing my story isn't to receive recognition or attention but to hopefully bring awareness and hope to others where needed:
During the time of this memory (8 years ago), I spent the better part of January in ICU. When I walked in the doors of the hospital, visually and physically in distress, the attending doctor delivered a shocking blow to my mental state. She said, "I WILL NOT make it back out alive." 🤔 Clearly, I misunderstood the assignment. You see, she was my temporary doctor, BUT my permanent doctor had other plans.
I didn't "walk" out; I was wheeled out and spent the next few months with at home nurses, learning how to walk and perform simple daily living tasks again. Prior to this, I was young, vibrant, and living my best life, so what happened? How could this happen? Well, none of that matters; what matters is HIS GRACE AND HIS MERCY CARRIED me through. Yes, he CARRIED me through. I am HIS beautiful creation, and he built me with quality goods to make me look AND feel good. I didn't understand why I had to suffer through this at the time, but I came out of the storm with a renewed respect for life AND my creator, who carried me out of that storm and lead me to the end of MY rainbow, one of them anyway (i.e. changed my life).
We all go through storms that are not comfortable. We are presented with tests that don't seem fair. We look at those experiences and try to compare them to other's current situations. This makes us depressed and, once again, wondering, "Why me?" You don't know the lessons other people went through to get their rewards, so STOP with the comparison from a victim's perspective and use them as goals to get to where you want to be.
I challenge you to answer, "Why not you?" Storms are experiences that teach us new things. Tests are meant to see how well we've mastered the lessons.
The results are the rewards that make us better and prepare us for the next test. No one wants to go through the lesson, but we all want the rewards.
Diamonds are formed from heat and pressure. They are then cut and shaped. This is uncomfortable, but as a result, each diamond is unique, and its reflection, refraction, and dispersion make it shine beautifully in its own unique way.
You too, can make it pass your uncomfortable lessons, master the test, and become a BE-YOU-TIFUL CREATION. Keep pushing; it's not over.
~Be-You-tiful Creations ®️

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